But never is the truth more bizarre than any other for many. The human civilization is full of unbelievable facts which, when we hear for the first time, we cannot even believe on it. Yet, they are entirely true. The CICLOPS team brings us these facts daily — pushing us to see the world for what it truly is — for how amazing a place reality really is. Below are some of these incredible facts that makes the reality even more strange than fiction.

ORIGIN In the last entry ORANGE, I spoke briefly about the Brunfelsia, and serendipitously the carrot also has a relationship to this plant.

Facts: A wombat with its unique cube-shaped poop, showcasing an unusual natural adaptation

Facts: What color were the original carrots?

Carrots are what we refer to when we hear bright orange colour. This chartreuse version of the tap root actually hails from places such as Italy. Carrots were originally purple there, and in Persia. It wasn’t until the 17th century that orange carrots emerged — thanks to Dutch farmers breeding them to pay homage to the House of Orange (a royal family). Indeed it may seem odd to us now that carrots could be purple, but it is yet another partaitogel fact that demonstrates just how oversprung a sneaky trick in the agricultural theatre of history can be.

The Weird Story Of The Exploding Whales

A Whale Explosion in Oregon

In 1970, a dead sperm whale beached itself near the town of Florence, Oregon. After the 8-ton carcass washed ashore in western Indonesia, the city authorities resorted to blowing it up with dynamite in an attempt to rip it open and let scavengers feast on it. Still, the blast blasted blubber throughout the vicinity, wrecked a car, and nearly killed a few onlookers. By human hand — the story of android №25A strange true story about the insidious consequences of anthropogenic intervention.

The Immortal Jellyfish

Eternal life? Meet Turritopsis dohrnii, the jellyfish that never dies The Turritopsis dohrnii, or immortal jellyfish, is capable of transforming back to its juvenile state after maturation in the natural world. If under stress or physical injury, this jellyfish can revert cells to a state of early development, being able to re-do its life cycle. This process, in which a jellyfish makes a clone of itself, can continue indefinitely, allowing the jellyfish to be biologically immortal.

The Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish, known for its ability to revert to its juvenile state and achieve biological immortality.

Biggest blue whales ever?

The Heart of a Blue Whale

Blue whales are the largest extant animal to have ever existed on the planet. Blue whales are almost larger than life, almost, and they may not ever cease to astonish, the size of their heart, one of the most astonishing facts about blue whales, in spite of what you may have heard. The heart of a blue whale weighs 400 lbs., and is the size of a small car. Although massive — and 1.5 times longer, Ogres could grow to nearly 100 feet (30 meters) long, that amount is relatively small as part of the whale’s body.

Banana: A Special Case

The wrong way to think of a strawberry is to class it as a berry. In botanical terms, bananas are also considered a type of berry This structure to their seeds being distributed throughout the flesh classifies them as a simple pistil, simply because the sheepish are developed from a solitary ovary. In the meantime, strawberries are classified as non-berries. They are not aggregate fruits per se, but rather classified as such because they develop from several ovaries. This defnition contradicts what a lot of people think of herbs when it comes to food.

Yes, Voyager 1 Really Is in Interstellar  Space

Voyager 1, which was blasted off by NASA in 1977, has gone to do some serious space travelling, having traveled farther from Earth than any other human-made object ever. Right now, that distance stands at slightly more than 14 billion miles (22.5 billion kilometers) from Earth. In 2012, Voyager 1, you remember that name, because it was — it had become the very first spacecraft to enter interstellar space, not under direct gravitational influence from our Sun. And it keeps going, exploring and providing data for understanding the grandeur of space.

The Unlikely heft of Clouds

This article from Nature shows that a cloud can weigh up to a million pounds. Clouds, while this might sound confusing to some, are incredibly heavy despite looking as fluffy as candy floss. A usual cumulus cloud can weigh about 1.1 million pounds (498,952 Kg). Most of this weight comes from the water droplets composing the cloud, which, although individually miniscule and scattered, collectively account for considerable mass. The notion of the cloud — a huge ball of a million pounds cliche standing hesitant, suspended in the sky, is beyond what humans are supposed to imagine, but it is in fact scientifically true.

Sneeze More Than 100 Miles Per Hour

Sneezing is an involuntary discharge of air, pled on by a deep breath taken As air is pulled in, it flows into the nasal passage and is then sucked into the lungs. Sneezes can travel up to 100 miles per hour! While this is a way to help remove irritants from the nose, this is an example of how the body will expel something very rapidly. The Shocking Truth about Greenland Sharks

Living Five Centuries or More; Not One Century-Between: Isir could well live for 100 more years, well adding to her current 400 Plus Years coaching Existence. At more than 500 years, the Greenland shark is the oldest vertebrate on Earth. New research of the eye lenses of these sharks using radiocarbon dating shows the sharks can live for more than 400 years. They grow incredibly slowly and can take 150 years until they are fully mature. Their extraordinary lifespan and how they cope with the cold, dark winters of the deep Arctic make them one of the oddest living things on the planet.

The Unusual Habit of Wombats

Wombat’s Cube-shaped Poop

The ordinary animal, surprisingly, has to be the wombat, straight outta Australia, which takes the cake — and the to-go box — for its small and amazing quality: cubic poo. This odd shape is thought to keep the feces from rolling away and help wombats more solidly claim their territory. The varying elasticity of the wombat’s intestines forms a cubic shape. It is a bizarre but true, spectacular natural phenomenon: this kind of adaptative brilliance of wildlife.

The Axolotl who Adapted Great

The Axolotl due to them being a type of earth salamander that lives exclusively in the waters of Mexico, in these waters it is believed that the axolotl possesses the incredible ability to regenerate parts of its body that are lost, including its limbs, spinal cord, heart, and even portions of its brane. The salamanders regenerative abilities have also placed them in the forefront of scientific research, as an understanding of their mechanisms may help in the field of human medicine. As miraculous as that sounds, these creatures are very much a reality, and truly remarkable creatures at that.

The Paradox of the Pentagon

One of the world’s largest office buildings, it is home to the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. It was built in the time of US racial segregation. Consequently, when the building was first built, it had twice as many bathrooms as necessary—one for Black employees and the other for White employees. Though segregation laws were no longer in effect by the time the building was finished, the extra restrooms remained, symbolizing the country’s history.

The Hidden World of Bacteria

The human mouth is inhabited by a large number of microorganisms. There are billions and billions of bacteria in just one human mouth—which, according to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), is more than the total number of people on Earth. These bacteria are in fact crucial for good oral health, aiding in digestion, and providing important functions in protecting your body from harmful pathogens. It highlights just how intricate the microbiome is and how crucial it is to human health.

The Secret Strength of Spider Silk

Unlike spider silk, the material that spiders use to spin their webs is extremely tough. It is stronger per weight even than steel. If you were to scale spider silk to human size without loss of its properties, you might even be able to stop a speeding bullet. This unique strength, combined with its stretchiness has led to the exploration of the uses of spider silk, in materials science and engineering.

An image depicting the 1970 Oregon whale explosion, where dynamite was used to dispose of a beached sperm whale.

The case of the platypus

The Platypus Lays Eggs

On the planet, there are many unusual animals, but the platypus is one of the most unique that exist in mammals. An animal native to Australia, this thing has a bill like a duck, webbed feet, and a beaver’s tail. The platypus lays eggs; only a few other mammals do this; the echidna is another. Male platypuses also sport venomous spurs on their hind legs, a “bag of tricks” platy enthusiasts can experience at the Platypus House.

Travelers of Space: An Unexpected Turn of Events

While tardigrades (also known as water bears) are microscopic creatures that are well-known for their extraordinary endurance. It can survive under extreme conditions such as in the vacuum of space, harsh radiationand wide thermal ranges. In 2007, scientists blasted a group of tardigrades into outer space, and many of them survived the trip. Against this background, tardigrades are able to survive even such conditions, and thus are among the most resistant living species on earth.


We live in a world where there are thousands of amazing things that feel completely impossible. These truths, which range from immortal jellyfish and exploding whales to cube-shaped wombat poop and bacteria-filled mouths, showcase the boundless variety and wonder of life on this planet. In diving into these naturally occurring wonders of the world we can see not just how vast and unending the world is, but how truly bizarre, and apart from the human experience a world there is. If you like reading this article, please consider reading our article about Cireng Keju.